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Touch deprivation can feel like loneliness, stress, and a sense of missing something. This yearning is for human touch and the connection with others that it fosters. As a Cuddlist certified practitioner, I can help unlock the natural stress reducing systems built into our biology. I offer a safe way to engage with the transformative power of touch. 

As a Cuddlist practitioner, I address touch deprivation in a safe and professional environment. Sessions are geared towards the client’s needs through mutual consent of platonic touch and open communication. I follow a strict code of conduct that allows the session to feel comfortable and secure. I would love to help you pursue well being and emotional health through nurturing touch and human connection.


Relax. Connect. Feel Good.

When we cuddle, oxytocin is produced, making us feel more relaxed and socially connected. Individuals who have more healthy touch in their lives also portray lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Field, T. (2010). Touch for socioemotional and physical well-being: A review. Developmental Review, 30(4), 367–383.  

What clients are saying

 "It was much more than cuddling on the physical level; you cuddled my soul." CG

"You're blessed with the ability to make people feel at home, welcomed and wanted."  J. 

 "I had the opportunity to have a Cuddle session with Chriseda. Wow! It was just what I needed!! And, somehow she knew just what I needed! For example, I was about to ask if I could rest my head on her chest. You know what she asked me? 'Randy, would you like to rest your head on my chest' ; just intuitive. I highly recommend her service."  RJS  

 "Chriseda- Our cuddle sessions have been so wonderful for me! You have the most amazing reservoir of gentle wisdom in your body, and it seems to soak into me in a therapeutic and healing way. Thank you so much!" 


 "I would recommend you to anyone feeling the need for more human touch in their life, because you offer that in a safe and nurturing way."  JD

"I was hesitant about paying for cuddling because I thought it was shameful to have to purchase the touch of another human being, but after a session with you, I realized the therapeutic value of the experience is an investment in my total well-being. Just as a psychologist or life coach provides support and counsel through conversation, so too do you through therapeutic touch." CG

 "You created the space I needed to be able to say out-loud what I didn't know I needed to hear myself say. Now I can take initiative and not be so closed up inside of my shell." CJ 


 "Chriseda is a respectful, kind, and compassionate practitioner. Her space will put you at ease and melt your stress away. I highly recommend Chriseda for anyone looking to increase their sense of connection and wellbeing through touch therapy." 

Dr. Kayla Cook

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